Beto Diaz - Thomas Saverio Hair Salon - Austin, TX

Beto Diaz

Master Stylist

“I am an art hair-stylist committed to interpreting
my clients desires and educating them on how to choose the right haircare and styling products to duplicate their new look at home.”

I’m an acclaimed award winning international veteran Hairstylist passionate about my job that I want to work all day, focus on cutting, coloring and styling. Awarded the title of “the blow dry Maestro and the best haircuts” in the Beauty Issue of Austin Monthly Magazine, I strive to create an environment in which my clients can enjoy every moment spent in my Salon, I know that the creative, collaborative energy integral to our success comes from engaged people, our Salon is a highly creative place with a highly skilled group of hairstylists. I’m committed to continuous learning and educational programs, training and mentoring are a key part of my culture. I hold certification (s) in many different facets of the hair industry, have been involved in all facets of the hair industry: Celebrity Stylist, Platform Artist, Salon Owner and Runway Artist.

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